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Seat leon тюнинг двигателя

SEAT Leon Cupra R ST Abt 2020 review – spicy Spanish dish gets even more sizzle

  • Genuinely rapid, fun handling, great looks
  • Several elements now starting to feel their age

The SEAT Leon Cupra has never been a car lacking in performance, but German tuning specialists will, if you desire, put a little more sizzle in your salsa.

For a fairly modest £500, your SEAT dealer can plug in an additional ECU to take power from the standard 296bhp (petrol particulate filters and all) to a thumping 345bhp, with corresponding increases in torque. As a manufacturer-approved upgrade, it also avoids any nasty warranty surprises.

And the rest? It’s the same Leon Cupra we’ve long known and enjoyed, seen here in estate form for a dash of extra practicality, and wearing Cupra’s latest corporate warpaint of moody grey bodywork and copper-coloured details.

The Leon’s getting on a bit now though, so does a power boost from Abt elevate the Leon back to its position near the top of the class, or would your money be better spent elsewhere?

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