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Что такое ie2 двигатель

7 of the Best Code Playgrounds

Free JavaScript Book!

Write powerful, clean and maintainable JavaScript.

A variety of front-end code playgrounds have appeared over the years. Most offer a quick and dirty way to experiment with client-side (and sometimes server-side) code then share it with others. Here’s our look at seven of the best.

Online coding playgrounds typically include:

  • color-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editors
  • code command auto-complete
  • a preview window which (normally) live reloads without a manual refresh
  • HTML preprocessors such as HAML
  • Less, Sass, Stylus, and similar CSS preprocessors
  • inclusion of popular JavaScript libraries such as React, Preact, Angular, and Vue.js (some newer playgrounds also allow back-end code development)
  • developer consoles and code validation tools
  • coding collaboration facilities
  • sharing via a short URL
  • embedding demonstrations in other pages
  • code cloning and forking
  • copying to code repositories such as GitHub
  • zero cost for a basic service
  • further premium services for a small monthly charge
  • a way to show off your coding skills to the world!

They allow you to test and keep experimental code snippets without the rigmarole of creating files, firing up your editor, or running a local server.

Let’s look at some of the better options.

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