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Что такое dnb двигатель

Рейсмусово-фуговальный станок Metabo HC 260 C-2.8 DNB (0114026100)

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DNB Group’s Complete Treasury Management Solution Case Study

Discover why DNB Group selected TreasuryXpress for their digital treasury management solution.

The DNB Group is Norway’s largest financial services group and one of the largest in the Nordic region in terms of market capitalisation. DNB is a leader across diverse financial services. The group offers a full range of banking services, including loans, savings, advisory services, insurance and pension products for retail and corporate customers. In addition, DNB is Norway’s largest internet bank with more than 1.3M users across multiple sectors and industries.

With over 220,000 corporate clients globally, DNB decided to rollout a digital treasury solution in a phased approach internationally. To achieve this, DNB required a treasury solution that would:

Meet specific Nordic banking and regulatory requirements at time of launch with the added ability to be responsive and easily adaptable to other markets — all on one platform

Provide a single software engine to deliver treasury management solutions that would make DNB’s corporate banking clients more efficient

Be compatible with DNB’s existing online banking portals

Support DNB’s end-user’s multi-bank banking structure, not just those that bank with DNB

Have the ability to be deployed quickly and en masse

As the leader in on-demand, high-performance, digital treasury management solutions, only TreasuryXpress was able to deliver on DNB’s unique and complex requirements.

Our clients trust us to deliver solutions that make their banking and treasury management easier. Bottomline provides the engine that allows us to do this. We chose TreasuryXpress because of the quality of their solution as well as their flexibility. By partnering with this leading technology innovator, we will continue to add valuable treasury services to our clients now and in the future. Anders Grevstad | Executive VP Category and Transaction Banking | DNB Group

IDC 2020 SaaS CSAT Award for Treasury Management

Bottomline TreasuryXpress solution received the IDC 2020 SaaS TMS Customer Satisfaction Award across all stages of the brand experience based on the results of IDC’s SaaSPath global survey.

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This guide examines how payment hubs underpin five areas of best practice for corporate organisations and make recommendations for business process change required to minimise risk, reduce costs and enhance payment processes.

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